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Bomb the Garden, smash the crockery, slam the door on your enemy, turn out the lights - do anything withing your power to destroy and survive.

Take the side of the Axis or Allies and bring your model plane to life in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more. With 17 authentic World War II planes to choose from and online warfare with up to 8 players, Airfix Dogfighter delivers the kind of fun mere plastic and glue could only dream!

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One of the Character Portraits

When you first create your profile, you are given the option to select a profile picture, there are 12 pictures to choose from. These do not affect ofline gameplay.

Character Photo's

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The HUD is the elements which you can see on the screen, for further information, please visit it's page linked below. Heads Up Display

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Mission List

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For a complete list of aircraft, check out it's page.

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There are many items in the game which you can collect. These will add to your mission and total score, which in-turn increases your rank. Bonus items

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You can also collect Weapons while on your missions.

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Patch History


supports multiplayer for up to 8 players

though it may be possible to increase this by changing maxplayers setting in user.ini <- untested

Multiplayer Help

Game BugsEdit

some known Game Bugs

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