Atomic bomb Edit

The atomic bomb is the games ultimate superweapon. IT will only be available in the last mission, but on both sides. You are even asked to find it. IT looks like the old firecracker "Tigerskott", or tigershot in english, with yellow paper with black lines. It is the games largest firecracker. The effect is a mini version of a real nuclear bomb. A huge yellow flash and wall of fire, a big bammmm-sound and a black mushroom cloud. A very fun airfix weapon, but in fact it doesnt destroy all targets with just one bomb. For example on a coastal fort you need more than one. At max tech level the standard bomb in cluster does more damage....

How to use it Edit

It is no doubt that this weapon is made for destroying everything you want, and from a huge and safe height. If you fly too low it destroys your plane. That should not be a big surprise. They are excellent to take out the bosses in level 10 allied and axis, and they are only available here. You will have to find the atomic bomb pickups at your own, we dont want to spoil the fun for you! Of course they are available in multiplayer mode amongst with the other weapons.

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