The bomb Edit

The bomb is the first weapon you encounter, together with the rocket. The bomb is a firecracker who explodes when it hits something. It is the most powerful weapon after the nuclear bomb.


Bombs vs tech levels: Edit

The number of bombs you drop, increases with your tech level, from just 1 to a really carpet bombing. They are as follows:

  • At tech level 1, 1 bomb.
  • At tech level 2, still 1 bomb but it is more poerfull.
  • At tech level 3, you get one powerfull bomb and a smaller in addition.
  • At tech level 4, you drop 3 bombs.
  • At tech level 5, you drop 5 bombs, all of them very large.

Use of bombs Edit

You get a bomb camera at the floor when you select the bombs as secondary weapon, but you have to dive steeply if you are going to hit something- unless you use the bird-view-camera.  If you dont, you will probably miss the target. With a direct hit even tech level 1 bombs destroy most enemies.

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