The following codewords can be keyed in during a mission:

  • athena - Gives you the highest tech level
  • hybris - Makes you invincible. However, in some particular cases you may die even if you have typed this
  • hefaistos - Gives you all available weapons full
  • slomo - Makes the game run slower
  • birgeroco - Makes the game run extremely fast!
  • racerwagen - Makes you drive a car. Yay!
  • hades - Makes you lose
  • autopilot - Toggles the autopilot
  • admiral - Gives you all medals
  • realtimelightning - Gives you Tesla coil

These ones, instead, must be typed in the mission menu.

  • prometheus - Lets all missions and all planes available (only the planes of that team, though)
  • icarus - Lets most of the planes of both the teams available

These cheats, in the end, must be typed in the House Editor.

  • freerotate - You can rotate objects on the X and Z axis, too, by holding X (or Z) and moving the mouse up and down.
  • extra - Unblocks a lot of things:
    • The pickups are no more regenerated (in the details, the CreatePickup method is used instead of SpawnPickup in the level script file)
    • Many objects are let available in the toys section, but watch out, since almost all of them need manual programming to work properly
    • In the Load House window, you can choose to add objects only
    • In the New House window, you can also load the same house parts, as the missions

This last cheat is perfect for Mission designing.

Enjoy !!

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