Probably one of the most famous of all U.S. Naval Aircraft to serve in the second World War, the Dauntless was already obsolescent when the USA entered the war, but continued in action until the final victory.

The SBD-3 version is an aircraft of VSB-8 which flew from USS Hornet in the Battle of Midway. It was powered by a t,ooo hp Wright Cyclone engine giving a maximum speed of 246 mph (396 km/h). The SBD-5 version is that flown by Captain Bell of the U.S.M.C., VMSB-231 in 1944. It was powered by a 1,200 hp Cyclone, capable of a speed of 255 mph (410 km/h).
Douglas Dauntless

The Airfix Dogfighter's Douglas Dauntless fighter-bomber.

The range was 456 miles (734 km) with a full load and armament consisted of twin fixed .5 inch machine guns in the nose and either one or two .303 inch machine guns in the rear cockpit. Bomb load was one bomb or either 500 or 1,000 lb beneath the fuselage and one 100 lb bomb under each wing.

In-game specificationsEdit

  • Speed: 1/4
  • Control: 2/4
  • Fuel: 3/4
  • Armour: 2/4
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