The Hellcat was one of the most successful carrier-borne fighters of the Second World War, and was a direct descendant of Grumman's earlier Wildcat. The F6F-3 Hellcat is that flown by Commander James Flatley, commander of Air Group 5 from the carrier U.S.S. Yorktown (CV-10).

Airfix Dogfighter's F6F Hellcat.

The F6F-5 was a Hellcat II of 800 Squadron Fleet Air Arm embarked in H.M.S. Emperor in February 1945. The Hellcat was powered by a 2000 hp Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp giving a maximum speed of 371 mph. Armament consisted of six 0.5 inch machine guns and either rockets or two 100lb bombs could be carried. Wing span was 42ft 10in, lenght 33ft 7 in.

In-game specificationsEdit

  • Speed: 3/4
  • Control: 3/4
  • Fuel: 3/4
  • Armour: 3/4
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