HUD Edit

Nearly all games have a H.U.D. which is short for Heads Up Display.

It is the items that you see on screen at all times, usually they indicate your health and armour, and things of a similar nature.

Airfix Dogfighter HUD Edit

The HUD on Airfix Dogfighter consists of 7 images. from left to right they are;

  • Armour: Shows the Health of your Aircraft.
  • Fuel: Shows how much fuel your plane has.
  • Primary: Shows your primary weapon, and it's ammunition.
  • Tech: Shows your technology level, each tenth level increases the power of your weapons.
  • Secondary: Shows your secondary weapon, and it's ammunition.
  • Speed: Shows the speed you are travelling at, and your throttle.
  • Radar: Shows your location within the house.

Example HUD Edit


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