Designed to Air Ministry Specification F.18/37, the first Typhoon flew on February 24, 1940, and entered service in 1941. Powered by a 2,180 hp Napier Sabre 11A engine, this single seat fighter and ground attack aircraft was capable of a maximum speed of 345 mph (555km/h) at sea level. Service ceiling was 32,500 feet (9,906 m), with a range of 990 miles (1,577 km) with drop tanks.
Hawker typhoon

A flying plastic model of Hawker Typhoon, shown in the markings of an aircraft of 247 Squadron RAF.[1]

Its complement of armaments included 4 x 20mm cannons, plus two 1,000 lb bombs or 8 rocket projectiles. Once initial structural and engine problems had been eliminated, the Typhoon 1B achieved success against V-1 flying bombs and German armor after D-day. 32 RAF units operated Typhoons and some 3,300 were built in total.[N 1]

In-game specificationsEdit

Speed: 2/4

Control: 2/4

Fuel: 2/4

Armor: 3/4



  1. Most examples were actually built by Gloster.[2]


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