In Airfix Dogfighter, a Kit is a cardboard box who contains an Aircraft in a state of a bunch of plastic pieces molded out within a numbered frame (as in the real world too), but it lacks the Plans who have to be picked up separatly. (in real world, the plans is of course included :) ) A Kit is one of the best Bonus Items that you will find through the game. They will always be the primary or secondary pickup target in mission mode.

Different factsEdit

Airfix kit pickup

The kit pickup looks a bit different from the real kit cardboxes.

The kit is in fact what the core of the game is about; almost all the action is created from Airfix kits that is produced in the real world, and given the role as interactive characters in Airfix Dogfighter. You will see some stacks of Airfix Kits in the menu screen in the game. Though, in the missions, the box is replaced with the Airfix logo.

The kits are trigger objects that will complete your mission when it is picked up together with the plans. It is together with the plans the most valuable items in the game, it earns you 500 points in the Mission Debriefing and a "new aircraft" achievement too in the mission debriefing. That means you have unlocked an extra aircraft to use in the game, both in mission mode and multiplayer mode.

Did you know?Edit

In the first mission, the Kit and plan is dropped out in the room to be picked up. But usually, you'll have to kill an enemy unit to aquire it. It is marked on the Radar as a light blue dot with a pulsing red ring around it.

____________Spoiler alert__________

In the last Axis mission, you get a kit from sinking the aircraft carrier. But it will sink to the bottom of the pool! To get it you have to dive in a very high speed and ahead of it because you get a lot of lift in the water, who force your aircraft upwards. The speed you need is only achieved with a jet, Messerschmidt 262 or a rocket plane Messerscmidt 163 Comet. In this mission your standard plane is Mitshubishi Zero, but if you dont pick up the kit, you will still get hold off the final axis aircraft. You only need to pick up the plans.

____________Spoiler ends here____________

All the kits in Airfix Dogfighter are based on real kits that airfix did sell or sold before. But you will only pick up kits that you will be able to fly, non-playable aircraft and other kits as Ships or Tanks will not appear as kit pickups.

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