Machine gun Edit

The machine gun is your stock weapon. You allways start with just a machine gun and 250 rounds. When you fire you will se tracer projectiles come out from the place the guns/cannons were placed in real world at the planes. The machine gun works well to destroy almost anything.

Its damage and firing rate is increased with each tech level and the sound changes as the caliber goes up.

You will actually never run empty on bullets- when your bullets are used up, you can still fire, but just at a pretty slow rate.

How to use it Edit

The machine gun is the most useful weapon you have; it is easy to aim with and destroy the most things quick. The exception are coastal fort and machine gun nest, they could use a bomb to die fast. Aslo the bosses in mission 10 allied and axis are hard to kill just with machine guns.  When you are at proper firing range, the sight turns red and you nearly cant miss what you shoot at. If you should run out of bullets, you have to shoot at breakable items in hope of getting an ammo crate who gives you 250 new shots. picking up an ammo crate also increases the amount of ammo in secondary weapons by around 1/3 of the pickups normal amount

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