Paramines Edit

The paramines are the first special weapon you will gain access to as the allies. It is a defensive weapon that can be used against enemy airplanes, but it may also be used as an offensive weapon against ground forces. It consists of a red barrel marked with TNT. When set, it consists of a mine hanging from a green parachute that folds out when you drop it. They fall very slowly to the ground. If anyone flies near it, it starts to beep before it explodes violently. If you hit it directly it explodes instantly.

How to use it Edit

It is primarily a defensive weapon. Drop them to force enemies off your tail, or create groups of mines to set traps for enemy planes. If you aim well, you may use it as bombs, but dont fly too slow or they will detonate at your own plane. You get 20 paramines per pickup, and you can maximum carry 40 paramines.

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