Hawker Hurricane

You only have one choice of plane for this mission: the Hawker Hurricane

Allies Mission 1: Right Stuff Edit

Mission Information Edit

Welcome to the front Pilot. Your first mission will be for you to prove your basic flying skills. Take off from Airfield Avalon in Canary Sector and follow given Instructions to pick up the various objects.

After that you must try your luck with the weapons against some German units gone astray in Sector Highland. Good luck, Rookie

Objectives Edit

There are 9 objectives in this mission.

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Start with picking up some Paint and Glue.
  • Now locate the Kit and Plans.
  • Find the Rocket and Bomb pickup.
  • Ok now turn off the Lights before we leave.
  • Yellow Key opens door. Pick it up and we'll do something funnier.

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Destroy All Ground Units.
  • Locate the Cannon pickup.
  • Destroy any incoming airplanes. Meanwhile, blast some of Mom's expensive china.

Unlisted/Other Objectives Edit

  • Good work pilot. Return to Base

Rewards Edit

  • New Aircraft: Hawker Typhoon
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