Tesla coil Edit

The tesla coil is one of the game's strangest weapons. It consist of a pair of duracell-like AA-batteries with a metal pin attached between them.When you fire it it sends out a blue twisting lightning, who jumps from target to target damaging all of them simultaneously! Only the allies gain access to the tesla coil, from level 7 and out. You newer start with this weapon so you will have to find it and pick it up. Each pickup gives you 50 rounds up to a limit of 150.

How to use it Edit

The tesla coil is a quite powerful weapon, but since it dont last long, you should use it wisely and together with the machine guns. It will auto aim when you are close enough. But- be careful with using it to close to friendly units. Since it bounces from unit to unit, it does not differ between friend and foe, so you risk to kill your mates.

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